Read the School District Enrollment Study

Check out the 44-page report here.

The Salem School District commissioned an enrollment study this year, which was completed and presented to the Salem School Board recently.

SAU 57 has posted the full 44-page report on their website. You can access the report here or in the PDF to the right.

The report was prepared by the New Hampshire School Administrators Association and their co-investigators, Dr. Mark V. Joyce and Keith R. Burke.

The district is expected to utilize the enrollment study as it determines the best future course of action for school renovations.

Three elementary schools (Barron, Lancaster and North Salem) were renovated in 2011 and voters were asked to approve renovations to the three remaining elementary schools (Fisk, Haigh and Soule) this past March.

The $22 million bond did not receive the needed 60 percent to pass.

Renovations are also expected to be needed in the coming years for Salem High School and Woodbury Middle School, the latter of which is the oldest of all the school buildings in Salem.

The School Board's discussion about what renovation plan will go to the ballot in March is ongoing. 

The summary of the enrollment report states Salem's K-12 population has gone down by 14 percent since 2004, Salem's town building permits "have remained consistently low" and the town's population and number of births have also gone down.

Brian October 10, 2012 at 03:16 PM
I'd like to see what the trend has been for the K-12 population of Salem for a longer period of time. Statistically speaking, 8 years is not a very long time to really gauge the projects and needs for a town. Look at the “Big Dig” in Boston for example … that project was designed to drastically open up the roadways to help reduce the amount of traffic jams going into and out of the city. In the short time the project was started to the time it was completed … it’s outdated already. I have children attending the Haigh school and if Salem is to close this school, then so be it, but I would prefer this decision be made on a larger sampling of data.
Riley Reid October 11, 2012 at 01:43 AM
We are not in the Haigh school district, but you make a very good point Brian. Knee jerk reactions are never a wise thing.


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