Got Milk!

Demand for raw milk has grown in recent years.

In New Hampshire, consumers can purchase raw milk directly from the farmers who produce it. Brookford Farm, a vendor at the Salem NH Winter Farmers Market are licensed to sell unlimited raw milk directly to consumers, but are subject to inspections and milk testing several times a year. Brookford Farm’s milk operation is inspected and regulated by the FDA.

Most states require milk to be pasteurized or heated, to prolong its shelf-life and destroy micro-organisms that could cause illness. The French microbiologist Louis Pasteur invested pasteurization in the 1860s. At the time, many cattle were fed low-quality food and housed in crowded, unsanitary conditions. Even under ideal circumstances, milk might remain unrefrigerated for several days during its journey from cow to consumer. As a result, this milk could be riddled with disease-causing bacteria. Pasteurization was the only way to make milk safe to drink. As the process has been standard for many years, it is now widely assumed that all raw milk is dangerous.

However, the demand for raw milk has grown in recent years as consumers worry about the long-term effects of the chemicals and growth hormones used in conventional dairy farming. Proponents of raw milk claim that pasteurization destroys or damages many of milk’s nutrients. They also believe that it’s more nutritious and easier to digest than pasteurized milk, and that it builds immunity. However, even the most ardent advocates are quick to admit that they wouldn’t drink raw milk from an industrial dairy farm. They’ll only drink it when they have first-hand knowledge of the farm – and preferably the cow – that produced it.

Brookford Farm milk is famous because it’s delicious and healthy. Their cows are raised on certified organic pasture, which increases the natural health benefits of our milk and adds to its flavor. Milk that comes from grass-fed cows is also much higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, which is believed to be a potent cancer fighter.

Stop by the Salem NH Farmers Market on Sunday March 3 from 10-2 hosted by Lake Street Garden Center and visit Brookford Farms booth and the many dairy items such as yogurt, cheese and cream they offer. Also visit the many other farms and vendors who offer fresh local products to bring to your families table. For more information and sign up for our newsletter or become a fan on facebook visit our web site www.salemnhfarmersmarket.com

See you at the Market

Jane Lang

Volunteer Farmers Market Coordinator

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