NH CASINO NOW Forum Tomorrow Night

Forum will begin at 6 p.m. at the Salem-Derry Elks Lodge.


NH Casino Now is a group of citizens in the Greater Salem area that support a limited expansion of New Hampshire law to allow casino gaming.

Our dedicated effort toward this goal over the last three months has placed this issue in the center of the race for Governor in New Hampshire, as well as brought tremendous exposure throughout Southern New Hampshire legislative contests.

Our work to educate voters in New Hampshire continues with a Public Forum on Thursday, Oct. 25, at the Salem-Derry Elks Lodge, on Shadow Lake Road in Salem. This event, expected to draw a substantial number of interested citizens, will begin at 6 p.m.

A distinguished panel of officials from Washington County, Pennsylvania will present information about, and comment on, their experience with the development of a gaming facility that is very similar to Rockingham Park in Salem.

This forum will allow candidates for the State Legislature and the public to ask questions of the panel.


NH Casino Now believes Rockingham Park in Salem is the best location in New Hampshire to compete against the casinos in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maine, and succeed.

For over a century, Rockingham Park has served the region as a premier entertainment facility, a proven job creator and one of region’s primary economic engines.

It also served the state of New Hampshire as a reliable producer of revenue and that revenue that didn’t come from the wallets of our taxpayers or our small businesses.

A casino will restore Rockingham Park and make it once again a reliable economic engine for development in the Greater Salem area.

Thousands of jobs – good paying jobs at a time when they are needed more than ever. Permanent jobs at The Rock. Temporary jobs that will fuel our construction industries and the tradesmen that are desperately looking for work.

Bringing in millions of visitors to the region from Massachusetts and beyond. Visitors spending their discretionary income in our communities, right here in New Hampshire. 

Keeping New Hampshire citizens, and their money, here in New Hampshire rather than going to casinos in Massachusetts. That’s discretionary income spent in New Hampshire restaurants and retailers instead of those in the Bay State.

A casino will produce significant revenue for the state of New Hampshire. Revenue that can be used to finish the widening of I-93, a critical economic development project for the entire state of New Hampshire, especially in getting tourists up to the lakes and North Country. 

Finally, for Salem, as host community of the casino, millions in annual revenue would flow from casino revenue into town coffers.

Greater Salem has a century long history of understanding and working with Rockingham Park. In the 1960’s, New Hampshire was the first-in-the-nation to introduce a lottery and the sweepstakes came to The Rock. Concerns were raised by some not wanting an expansion of gaming. Those concerns did not materialize. Any concerns can be met NOW if we meet them head on and work together.

It’s time to renew Rockingham Park. It’s time for jobs, opportunity, and greater economic development. It’s time for a casino in New Hampshire. NOW.

concerned October 24, 2012 at 03:21 PM
I would like to know what this group is going to do to help the people in the neighborhood that abuts the track. How are you going to protect our property values from declining and our quality of life. You want gambling, fine, put it where there isn't a neighborhood of people that your going to negatively impact!!!!!
Concerned October 24, 2012 at 10:11 PM
how is it going to decline? - for years the track with GAMBLING has been there for years and when it closed you have broken down sheds, stables etc... i would think if they came in and gave it improvements the value would go up - its not like you moved there and all of a sudden realised there was a gambling facility there lol - the state needs this and Salem needs this
concerned October 25, 2012 at 03:36 PM
Race track with minimal gambling is one thing. A full blown casino, hotel and whatever else they plan to build is another. Traffic from the track now, is minimal. Won't be if they build the casino. If this is such a great idea how come the people in Mass fought to keep it out of their neighborhood..
Jim Rubens October 25, 2012 at 06:16 PM
With 4 bigger, flashier MAss casinos, the New England gambling market is saturated, limiting NH to local-market convenience style casinos unable to compete with those in Mass and able to attract only local gamblers. This means most of the gambling losses will come from our neighbors who will have less money to spend at hundreds of existing local businesses. If you think money going into a casino drops from the sky (rather from the existing pool of consumer incomes) you're a good mark to become a casino supporter.


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