McDougall Charged With Obstructing Paramedics

Patrick McDougall serves on two town boards and is running for state representative.

UPDATE, THURSDAY: Salem Deputy Police Chief Shawn Patten said McDougall's wife called 911 complaining about a "pre-existing medical condition" and "was in a great deal of pain."

Patten also said the investigation into the incident at McDougall's residence is closed an no further charges are expected.

EARLIER STORY: This morning Salem Budget Committee and Zoning Board of Adjustment member Patrick McDougall turned himself in to Salem Police on a warrant for obstructing government administration following an event police said took place at his home June 26.

McDougall, 37, who is also a Republican candidate for state representative, faces a Class B misdemeanor and was released on a summons to appear in court July 30.

According to a release from Deputy Police Chief Shawn Patten, McDougall refused to allow his wife to be transported by Salem Fire paramedics in the early morning hours of June 26 after she had called 911. Officials on scene told McDougall he could not prohibit his wife from seeking treatment and hospital transport, despite her request to be transported, according to Patten.

Eventually, McDougall drove his wife himself to the hospital nearly an hour after the original call.

Patten said McDougall's wife called 911 requesting Salem Fire to transport her to the hospital shortly before midnight June 26. Paramedics responded to their residence and were met by McDougall himself after they buzzed the main door and knocked several times. He said he was unaware his wife had called 911.

Paramedics made contact with his wife, assessing her medical condition, and Patten said at that time she again requested hospital transport.

"Mr. McDougall became very agitated and argumentative, and told the paramedics he did not want her transported and that as her spouse had the right to refuse treatment for her," Patten said. "The on-scene paramedics tried to explain to Mr. McDougall that he did not have that right."

Patten said McDougall then "accused the paramedics of trying to get $800 from him for the transport."

Paramedics requested a Salem Fire supervisor and the Police Department respond to the scene "as Mr. McDougall continued to argue and prevent them from doing their job," according to Patten.

It was at this time Patten said McDougall's wife made a second 911 call, pleading for help and saying her husband was "arguing with the firemen and refusing to let her be transported."

Police on scene said McDougall's wife "was in obvious distress, sweating profusely, crying, holding an ice pack on her head, and repeatedly complaining of the pain she was in."

When police asked if she wanted to go to the hospital, Patten said she again replied "yes."

Throughout this, Patten said McDougall kept arguing with officials on scene saying his wife was "exaggerating."

"Police and Fire officials escorted Mrs. McDougall out of her residence while Mr. McDougall angrily requested it be documented that they were taking her against his will," Patten said.

It was finally agreed that McDougall would be allowed to drive his wife to the hospital to avoid an ambulance fee. Patten said both Police and Fire waited with McDougall's wife outside until he came out and left with his wife.

Patten noted the first 911 call from McDougall's wife came in at 11:45 p.m. and "due to his actions" his wife did not leave for the hospital for another 51 minutes.

According to Patten, police began an investigation into the incident, which included interviews with on-scene members of the Police and Fire departments, as well as requests for copies of 911 tapes. This in turn resulted in the charge against McDougall, Patten said.

48 Years in Salem NH July 12, 2012 at 05:40 PM
Mmm . . . this Republican candidate for office is mimicking locally the GOP attack nationally on women. There are consequences to vile hate speech and substituting paranoia for policy. Can we expect McDougall not to be inoculated by the weird ideas the Republicans spew every election cycle.
Jake O'Donnell July 12, 2012 at 06:30 PM
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concerned citizen July 13, 2012 at 08:24 PM
He sounds like he's on the edge. No wonder his wife has migraines.
Concerned July 13, 2012 at 11:20 PM
I believe that what He did was completely wrong... his wife called 911 not him - his wife asked for help he didnt... the emergency workers showed and was there for HER not him .. by acting this way over a bill before a bill was submitted actually costs the town more money and put others at risk by having to involve the police and fire dept when it wasnt necessary which ends up costing taxpayers more money - as a town leader HE shouldve known that - I think MacDougal needs to do us all a favor and STEP DOWN - we need level headed leaders
Patriot July 14, 2012 at 10:00 AM
Well written by a true Obama supporter!!


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