Gov. Hassan Urges Residents to be Off Roads by 7 P.M.

She says the worst of the storm will be from Friday night through Saturday afternoon.

Gov. Maggie Hassan is urging New Hampshire residents to be off the roads by 7 p.m., when the worst of the blizzard is expected to kick in.

"I'm urging all citizens to be where they need to be tonight by 7 p.m. and stay there through tomorrow afternoon," Hassan said at a press conference Friday at the Emergency Operations Center in Concord.

She said she's told state agency heads to be liberal in letting people leave work early if at all possible, and she urged New Hampshire companies to do the same.

Hassan said there is no need for a State of Emergency declaration at this time, but that could be a possibility in the future if the state needs to access additional resources. As much as 2 feet of snow is expected in some areas.

"Parts of the state will be impacted more than other parts of the state," she said. "The Seacoast is likely to be hit much harder than other parts of the state. The northern part of the state, less so."

Hassan said widespread power outages are not expected as a result of this storm, but shelters will be opened if necessary. She asked residents to check on their neighbors – particularly elderly ones – throughout the storm to make sure they're OK.

Chris Clement, commissioner of the state Department of Transportation, said 310 state plow trucks and another 437 hired trucks are ready to salt, sand and plow the state's highways.

"As the storm starts to ramp up later on this afternoon, this is really when our crews are going to be out working," he said. "If we could just keep everybody off the roads this evening and let our crews do our work and leave plenty of room for plows, we'd appreciate it."

So far, state police said there have been relatively few serious accidents on New Hampshire roadways.

"The roads are pretty quiet," said Col. Robert Quinn. "Today we had several accidents in and around the Concord area, but right now we're in good shape."

He urged motorists to drive courteously, have patience, leave ample time, and keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road.

Scott-NH February 09, 2013 at 03:13 AM
If you put the MA Govs travel ban [w/ fines and jail time] vs. the NH Gov. travel REQUEST, I think we can agree the NH Gov. grasps that reasonable people make reasonable choices. Where as the Peoples Republic Of Massachusetts see's it's citizens as children they need to scold and are unable to make reasonable or informed decisions without the help of their Government. The Governor of NH is not responsible for peoples poor choices, otherwise she'd have to be telling us to stay off the road when the sun glares to bright. It's just childish to govern a snowstorm to this extent. (I'm looking at you Deval)!
Chrystine Collins-Blums February 09, 2013 at 02:18 PM
I agree, Scott. I also think people who get stuck in the snow after being warned to stay home should have to reimburse the municipality for the rescue. I spent many years in the Army National Guard. It was phenomenally expensive to send a helicopter or two out to search for foolish hikers in the mountains who went out completely unprepared for the conditions. An accident is one thing, hiking My Washington with no cold weather gear or a map is another. It is the equivalent when one ventures out in a storm for anything beside dire emergency when it was well anticipated.
Linda Lou February 09, 2013 at 04:05 PM
I see your point to, but if someone wants to go out, its not always just on them. Thats why there are so many accidents, more people get involved and pile up accidents happen alot. You can frisk your own life, but don't risk the life of other people in the process. Some people just don't get that. THe jail time thing is ridiculous, a warning would surfice. As I said I only was in favor of the ban so people, like my son that was forced to drive into work today, because his place of employment decided to open up at 7 in a blizzard. Thats just crazy and its not fair to ask people to risk their lives to get to work. The ban would stop that. I see its catching on, Connecticut closed all there roads today.
Russ Smith February 10, 2013 at 01:42 AM
Just take a look at the cars stranded on the Long Island highway. So the governor of the "Peoples Republic Of Massachusetts" placed a ban with teeth. Check later to see if anyone was really arrested. I rather have a governor care more about saving lives, preventing employers from pulling employees to work, and getting 1st responders and people cleaning up the mess a clear path to do their jobs over Hassan. Life free or die NH. You have a governor that "respects" the rights of citizens to make their own decisions. Make sure you re-elect her.
Scott-NH February 10, 2013 at 02:25 AM
All the other states that implemented bans don't have $500 dollar fines or imprisonment attached to them and yet, people stayed home. NH didn't implement a ban at all, just to use common sense and yet, people stayed home. New Yorkers, they are a different breed of people, they expect everything and the weather to revolve around them and it doesn't, so finding them stuck in the snow is to be expected. If you like Deval Patrick and the fact MA tells its citizens how to act and behave, rather than treat them like adults, or make adult decisions on their own, by all means, he's all yours! The sad part is, everyone had already heeded the warnings and Fridays commute was non existent. People by far and large had already hunkered down because they had the intelligence to know. His order angered reasonable people who don't need Governor Daddy telling them they have to stay home.


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