Déjà Vu: Bass vs. Kuster, Guinta vs. Shea-Porter

Familiar fights under way for NH’s congressional districts.

Welcome to the Rematch, 2012 Edition.

In the 1st District, Republican incumbent Frank Guinta will go up against Democrat Carol Shea-Porter, the former two-term congresswoman he defeated in 2010. Shea-Porter faced no opposition in Tuesday's primary, while Guinta easily fended off challenges from Rick Parent and Vern Clough.

In the 2nd District, Republican incumbent Charlie Bass will again face Democrat Ann McLane Kuster, who lost to him by just 3,550 votes two years ago. Kuster had no primary opponent on Tuesday, and Bass defeated Gerard Beloin, Will Dean, Miroslaw Dziedzic, and Dennis Lamare for the Republican nod.

The Associated Press called both the 1st and 2nd District Republican primaries shortly before 9 tonight.

Bass was first elected to Congress in 1994, serving six terms before losing in 2006 to Democrat Paul Hodes. He re-emerged four years later to narrowly win.

Bass campaigns against the Affordable Care Act, saying President Obama’s landmark achievement led to “uncertainty, increased costs, less choice, and mandates” that have a negative impact on the economy.

Bass issued the following statement following his primary victory on Tuesday:

"In this upcoming general election, I am proud to represent Republicans - but also Independents and Democrats – who believe that government has grown too big, spends too much, and is hurting our economy. I have fought for bipartisan solutions to our nation's biggest problems, such as balancing the budget, eliminating the $16 trillion debt and supporting the growth of real, long term, private sector jobs. I look forward to contrasting my record of bipartisan leadership with the record of my opponent, which is marked by super-partisan loyalty to the agenda of Washington Democrat party leaders."

Guinta, a former mayor of Manchester, has promised to vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, cut federal spending and work to peel back regulations for small businesses.

He issued this statement on Tuesday night:

“Granite Staters sent a strong message this evening. They want a New Hampshire voice in Washington who understands middle-class job creation has to be our number one priority. They are insisting on a Representative who believes in the nearly 30 bipartisan small business jobs bills I’ve supported and the half dozen jobs fairs I hosted to help put New Hampshire back to work. 

“I appreciate the hard work my opponents put into their races and look forward to working with them in the coming weeks. Together, as Granite Staters, we will ensure we do not go back to the days of former Congresswoman Shea-Porter’s Pelosi agenda of wasteful stimulus spending and job-killing tax increases on small businesses and middle-class working families. Our economy, our children and our grandchildren just can’t afford it.”

Shea-Porter, who said in one interview this summer that her support for the Affordable Care Act contributed to her loss in 2010, criticized this Congress for not passing a jobs bill – either its own or President Obama’s plan.

In a statement on the state primary outcome, Shea-Porter said,

"Now that Congressman Frank Guinta is the Republican Candidate for Congress, I look forward to discussing the Congressman's failure to create jobs, his votes to turn Medicare into a voucher program, his vote to cut Meals On Wheels, Pell Grants, and Veterans Programs, and all of his other attacks on New Hampshire's middle class."

Tom Linehan September 12, 2012 at 01:18 AM
Union Leader tweeted that Kevin Smith conceded.
Peter D'Antonio September 12, 2012 at 02:50 AM
Thank you Windham Republicans! Peter D'Antonio
Joseph Hearn September 12, 2012 at 05:08 PM
I can see this is gonna be another years of the same old BS that we usually hear come election time, thank God for Netflix


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