The Two McDougall 911 Calls

We have transcribed the two 911 calls made that led to the charge against Patrick McDougall.

[Editor's note: Salem Patch requested, through a Right-to-Know request, audio from the 911 calls made by Jane McDougall between June 25 and 26 which led to . Salem Police provided the audio and what follows is a transcription of the two 911 calls.]

FIRST 911 CALL - JUNE 25, 11:45 p.m.

Dispatcher: New Hampshire 911, what is your emergency?

Jane McDougall: Hello. I have a massive, massive sinus infection which is causing me to have massive migraine.

Dispatcher: OK, you have a migraine?

JM: Yes, I have a massive sinus infection, I was just at the doctor's today, but, umm, in the hospital a couple times, too.

[Dispatcher reads off JM's address and phone number, which JM states are accurate.]

Dispatcher: OK, stay right on the line with me. I just notified them electronically, I just have some questions for you, OK?

[Dispatcher asks JM a number of questions, during which she states medication given to her isn't helping, she's been dealing with the issue for three weeks and notes having "massive throbbing" in her head. Dispatcher contacts Salem Fire, which is then dispatched to the McDougall residence.]

Dispatcher: Alright, ma'am. Help is on the way. Don't have anything to eat or drink, it just might make you sick or cause problems for the doctor.


Dispatcher: And I want you to rest in the most comfortable position for you and wait for help to arrive. 

JM: OK, I gotta just sit up.

Dispatcher: OK, is there anybody there with you?

JM: Yeah, my husband.

Dispatcher: OK, can you have your husband make sure the door is unlocked and an outside light turned on for the crew?


Dispatcher: OK, and do you have any family pets at the home?

JM: Yes.

Dispatcher: OK, those also need to be secured before the ambulance arrives.


Dispatcher: And they will want to know all the medications you are on when they get there.

JM: OK, I will get that together right now.

Dispatcher: OK, good. I'm gonna let you go to take another emergency call but if anything changes at all before help arrives then just call us back at 911 and we'll update the crew for you.

JM: OK, the reason why, also, is because I feel worse than I did earlier today, you know what I mean? That's why I called.

Dispatcher: Yeah, and that's fine, you know, you did the right thing by calling 911. It's better to get checked out. Alright?

JM: I just can't drive myself or anything.

Dispatcher: I understand. They'll get there as quickly and safely as possible as they can to take care of you, OK?

JM: OK, thank you.

Dispatcher: You're welcome. Take care.


SECOND 911 CALL - JUNE 26, 12:11 a.m. 

Dispatcher: New Hampshire 911, what is your emergency?

JM: I would like to go to the hospital, the firemen are here, and my husband is arguing with them. And, I need to go.

Dispatcher: OK, there's already...

JM: I have no insurance...

Dispatcher: Ma'am?

JM: He's worried about [inaudiable]

Dispatcher: Ma'am? There's already an ambulance there for you?

JM: Yes, I need to go and he's arguing. I really, honestly...

Dispatcher: OK, ma'am? Ma'am?

JM: I have no insurance. Please!

Dispatcher: Ma'am, there's already an ambulance there for you?

JM: Yes, my husband is trying to tell them not, [inaudiable] My head is getting worse! Please!

Dispatcher: Stay on the line, I'll transfer you to Salem Police.

[Dispatcher contacts Salem Police, informs them of situation, JM sighs over the line several times, Salem Police dispatch says they'll send someone over.]

Dispatcher: Ma'am? [pause] Ma'am?


jen July 14, 2012 at 02:50 PM
Umm why wouldn't he just take her to begin with.......
Patriot July 15, 2012 at 09:58 PM
Would have made life a lot easier for them. Had a broken toe once, the doctor said there was nothing they could do. Went home kept foot in the air with ice and took aspirin. Now some would go back to a doctor and get the same advise. Sympathy is not free! Tough to pay for a ten thousand dollar head ache out of your pocket.


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