What Are Managed IT Services?

Kurt Simione discusses the benefits of Managed IT Services to your business.

For years, IT (Information Technology) support was requested and dispensed on an as-needed basis. Like your plumber or electrician, you called your IT company only when something broke or something needed to be upgraded. IT Support was very much reactionary.

IT companies like Technology Seed (www.TSeed.com) have moved to a very proactive model: Managed IT Services.

It’s this simple: Instead of paying your IT company when something fails, you pay your IT company to prevent failure. Our slogan is “We don’t profit from IT problems, we PREVENT them.”

When IT is billed hourly, IT companies make their money when you have problems. The more problems you have, the more money they make. If your server crashes and it takes 16 hours of labor to bring it back to life, you just paid $2,000 in labor.

But let’s look at the “real” cost of this server crash to your business.

Let’s say that 8 employees (out of your 20 total) were affected by the server outage. The average pay, with benefits, of those 8 employees is $30/Hour.

Downtime: 8 Employees @ $30/Hour = $240/Hour X 16 Hours = $3,840
IT Labor Cost: $130/Hour X 16 Hours: $2,080


If the server that crashed was your email server you might’ve missed a potential new-customer’s email. It’s tough to quantify that loss, but you get the idea.

Technology Seed’s Managed IT Services offer a proactive solution. 

1)      Instead of reacting to the server failure, we proactively prevent the server failure. How? Our tools predict and alert on the hard drive failure before it brings down the server. With the server still running, we would replace the failing drive with a new one resulting in no downtime for your company.

2)      We don't bill you when things break; instead we invoice your company a monthly flat fee (same fee every month) that includes proactive, unlimited support. In essence, you’re paying us to prevent problems from ever happening.

Again, “We don’t profit from IT problems, we PREVENT them.”

Let’s be realistic, there will always be IT issues to remedy. But, we can eliminate many of them, and minimize the others. Managed IT Services will undoubtedly save your business money by preventing IT problems.

Technology Seed (www.TSeed.com) is located at 2 Dyer Ave, Salem, NH (just north of McKinnons). Stop by and tell us about your company’s IT needs!

Questions? Email info@tseed.com.

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Jay Gatsby November 17, 2012 at 12:09 AM
We posting advertisements now and calling them blogs? Cuz this sure is an advertisement! -Gatsby
One Man Wolf Pack November 19, 2012 at 12:41 PM
Why not? It is certainly a breath of fresh air from the usual left leaning partisan fare; or do you just hate business that mush Jay?


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