Send Digital Love This Valentine's Day

Express your affection through modern technology.

Show your valentine that you love them with all of your heart, and phone.

We compiled a list of iPhone/Android apps that can make your Valentine's Day extra special this year.

Send your loved one an actual card through your phone, or find the perfect recipe to make them love your cooking almost as much as you.

Newly-single people can try the The Ex-App on iPhone for those who are trying to avoid calling their ex and move on.

Let The Ex-App keep you from breaking down and help you finally break-up and away from your ex. The Ex-App blocks you from making outgoing calls, text messages, or emails to your ex.

It also tracks the number of consecutive days that you have stopped contacting your ex to help you stay motivated and committed to your new awesome ex-free life.

Fun Valentine's Day Apps


Touchnote Postcards

Touchnote prints and sends your iPhone and iPod Touch photos as real postcards.

Happy Talking Cupid

Meet your very on interactive 3D Cupid ! With photo booth feature so you can take photos of yourself with Cupid and send to a friend with a Valentines message.

Romantic Ideas 500

Top 50 Romantic Ideas! Spark the romance & inspire your relationship with this collection of love & romance ideas! You can email these romantic ideas or copy them to the clipboard! If you have an iPhone running iOS 4.0 or later, you can also SMS these romantic ideas! Paste your favorite romantic ideas into Facebook or Twitter by tapping the clipboard!

Red Stamp

Email, text, post, or paper mail personalized cards, notes, invitations + announcements effortlessly, right from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Snap a photo + share the gratitude of great gifts as they are being opened. Give your host instant gratification on a well-thrown party as you head out their door. Mail fresh, modern, expertly designed invitations, announcements and holiday cards to your list of 1 or 189 in mere minutes. With just a couple of clicks, Red Stamp will print a high-end, eco-friendly paper postcard and mail it directly to your list of recipients, postage included.

Valentine’s Day Recipes

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a romantic dinner for two! Here are 140 delicious Valentine's Day recipes that are a perfect way to celebrate a special relationship or just to treat yourself and your family on Valentine's Day.

Send eFlowers

Because flowers DOES matter to her : you can now send flowers from your iPhone! Be delicate and refined even when using your phone; you'll never be seen in the same way again! Surprise your lady with a magnificent bouquet of roses. Declare your love for the one you court with beautiful peonies, praise your colleague with a beautiful composition of lilies…there's always an occasion to make someone happy and it's even easier with the iPhone!


Love Test

Love Test calculates the chance of a successful relationship between two people based on age, star sign, how you met, and more. But don't worry because, even if you don't know all the information about the other person, Love Test can still calculate, just with a bit less accuracy. It's time to find the right match for you.

Valentine's Romantic Mood

Prepare the mood for Valentine's Day with something unexpected. This app creates the perfect mood for Valentine's Day with candlelight and the most romantic classical music playing in the background


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